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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Tuesday, June 17th


We’re hitting 90 degrees at the COED offices today–but, fortunately, we have an Instagram feed full of ladies eager to show us how to cool down for the summer. Just take a look at Amy Leslie above, who’s sure looking breezy while staying cool on the beach. We’d already be on the F train to Coney Island if we thought there were more babes like Amy out there. Instead, we’re enjoying Instagram Beach with babes like Daniella Almeida, April Charyse, Jess Marshall, Aarika Wolf, and more.

Amy Jane Brand isn’t in a bikini, but she manages to make a one-piece look very refreshing. Meanwhile, we have Sarah Rollins and the legendary Jen Selter using their swimsuits to show us their best assets. There’s also an amazing double feature with Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman getting intimate in an Instagram moment.

We’re also taking another look at Miranda Kerr–and if you’re really looking to stay cool, follow the lead of Shelly Chinaglia and (yow!) Kate Upton by just ditching clothes altogether. That should be plenty of inspiration right there to put your own work day on hold for a while, and vacation with the ladies who’ve made this Tuesday torrid…

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