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Olympics Star Stephanie Rice Swims Into A 26th Hot Year [32 PICS]


We know that today’s all about celebrating America’s big win over Ghana (USA!), but we’re going to also enjoy some international sportsmanship–mainly by ogling the amazing bod of Olympics swimming champion Stephanie Rice. This awesome Aussie became a worldwide sensation after winning three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Yeah, a lot of guys all over the world got some interesting sensations watching Stephanie emerge from the water as a true champion.

Even better, Stephanie Rice was also ready to emerge as a champion sex symbol. She’s turning 28 years old today (that being June 17, 2014) as an officially retired superstar, but the brunette beauty has a bright future in plenty of other endeavors. Stephanie won last year’s Australian version of The Celebrity Apprentice, and recently announced some plastic surgery to give herself a new nose. She had broken her nose while swimming, but it’s also a very slight improvement that has us wondering if Stephanie isn’t going to get more aggressive about modeling professionally.

She’s certainly the rare Olympic champion who doesn’t mind putting on a naughty schoolgirl outfit for a photo shoot. Of course, Stephanie also participates in a lot of wholesome charity work, so we’re not expecting anything too crazy–but she’s still the one Olympian most likely to succeed in driving us nuts. You’ll be feeling the same after you check out Stephanie’s fine form in this gallery…

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