Olivia Karina Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Olivia Karina is a gorgeous blonde American model who should be on your radar. This smoking hot hottie has done a lot of work with some pretty big names like Surfing Magazine, Bliss Magazine and Neave Bozorgi–the guy who loves to photograph Charlotte McKinney (the manclearly has good taste). In fact, we have to give a tip of our hat to @Sir_Neave because his Instagram account is what first alerted us to Olivia’s existence.

Olivia’s represented by Photogenics, an agency based out of Los Angeles and it would seem that she enjoys hanging out at the beach and getting her surfing on.

It’s at times like this when I’m talking about beautiful women on beaches that I really want to leave NYC and see what the West Coast is all about. But then I realize that girls like Olivia aren’t just everywhere, and that’s why you should have her on your radar.

 Check out her photos below, then follow her social media pages.

Nationality: United States | Measurements: 33-25-34

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