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Greer Grammer on “Awkward.” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Greer Grammer on Awkward.

(10:00 PM EST, MTV)

If your See Her Tonight column had to guess, we’d say that Greer Grammer’s name is some kind of tribute to 1940s film star Greer Garson–which would kind of make sense, because Greer Grammer is a Hollywood kid herself as the spawn of Kelsey Grammer and Barrie Buckner. We’re not sure if those two were ever married, but the important thing is that Greer’s mother isn’t the Kelsey Grammer ex-wife who’s on that reality show, so we’re thinking that Greer is still marriage material.

Greer is also beginning to get a lot of attention on her own, which is why we’re jumping on this chance to showcase her on Awkward.–even though the 22-year-old blonde bombshell has been a regular on the show for a while. Greer has done a great job playing a snobby Queen Bee cheerleader who’s surprisingly complicated. We’re pretty sure she’s on tonight’s new Awkward. episode, and you can play it really safe and catch her on the two reruns that air before tonight’s new episode.

You’ll also want to catch Greer’s amazing job of busting out the sideboob on the red carpet for How To Train Your Dragon 2. Nobody told her it was a kiddie movie, but we’re not complaining. The former Miss Teen Malibu has really grown into a beauty queen, as you’ll also see in the sensational shots below. We guarantee that these will get you feeling a little awkward in the…um, well, we’re not sure how to phrase that…

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