Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Monday, June 16th

It’s already looking to be another beautiful week–at least as far as our Instagram account is concerned. That’s courtesy of bathing beauties like Johana Gomez (above), who’s facing front as a reminder that summer is an Instagram gal’s favorite season. But a lot of today’s parade of hot models are leading from the rear. You’ll want to admire the assets of bikini’d babes like Bryana Holly and Katya Elise Henry.
We also have Olivia Karina thoughtfully posing in front of a bank of mirrors that lets us admire every angle of her swimwear. That’s not a selfie–but that proud tradition is carried on via Bekka Gunther, Sewiin Tabatabaei, and Wioletta Pawluk. Yeah, those three are some serious reminders that the selfie is just getting started as a serious art form. And those are just a small selection of the 20 hotties who’ve gotten together to make us forget this is a Monday. You’ll be feeling the same after you check out these unforgettable photos…

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