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The 10 Craziest Tupac Shakur Theories For His 43rd Birthday


Tupac Shakur Death Conspiracy Theories

If Tupac Shakur was alive today, he’d be turning 43 years old. It’s wild to think about how young the prolific rapper actually was when he died in 1996. Even crazier is to think just how relevant Tupac has remained over the last 18 years–especially with (or despite) how many posthumous albums and videos have been released.

Of course, the rapper’s premature death brought with it plenty of wild conspiracies, and the inevitable speculation that Tupac must still be alive out there. Here’s a conspiracy-crazed Top Ten to ponder while we wish Tupac was still around. Even if he might be making family movies with Ice Cube…

The “Suge Knight Claims He’s Alive” Theory

Suge Knight (the guy who was in the car when Tupac was killed) recently claimed that Tupac is on an island smoking Cuban cigars. It kind of seems like he’s joking, but still…

The “That His Coachella Hologram Was Him” Theory

There are crazy people that believe it was actually Pac at the 2012 Coachella concert. They point to the fact that he said,  “What’s up, Coachella?” The thing is, Coachella didn’t exist back when Tupac was alive.

The “Machiavelli” Theory

Right before his death,  Tupac began rapping under the name Makaveli–which was an homage to the 16th Century Italian political and military theorist Machiavelli. After reading  The Art of War in prison, Tupac decided to follow Machiavelli’s advice and fake his own death to surprise his enemies. Also, both Machiavelli and Tupac died at age 25. Wait, we mean “died.”

The “Seven Day” Theory

 Tupac was shot exactly seven months after his album All Eyez On Me was released. He was shot on the 7th, but died seven days later on the 13th  at 4.03 pm (4+3=7). He posthumously released an album called Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, and was 25 at the time (2+5 = 7) of his death. So–that many 7’s must add up to something.

The “WTF Those Sneakers Weren’t Around” Theory

In two videos released after his death, Tupac is wearing sneakers that weren’t available until after he died.. In “Toss It Up,” Tupac has a pair of Penny Hardaway’s. “Live and Die in LA” has Tupac jumping into a car wearing unreleased Jordans.

The “He’s an FBI Snitch” Theory

This theory claims that the shooting was faked by the FBI. The rapper is now living in the Witness Protection Program and helping the FBI with their continuing investigation against Death Row Records and heartless bastards like Suge Knight.

The “Bodyguard” Theory

Suge Knight claims that Frank Anderson–Tupac’s bodyguard at the time–should have been in the car. A lot of people believe that Tupac didn’t want Frank there so the rap star could fake his death.

The “Cremation” Theory

‘Pac was cremated the day after he died, and there was no autopsy. That way, everything was (literally) put to rest very quickly.

The “SIMON” Theory

The producer on Tupac’s Makaveli album is credited as “SIMON”–who was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross, and was one of the first to witness his resurrection.

The “Bulletproof vest” Theory

Tupac supposedly always wore a bulletproof vest–but for some reason, he didn’t wear one on the night of his death. Why not? Why?, we ask.

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