Jennifer Lopez Wants To Remind You That She's A Sex Symbol [PHOTOS]

We weren’t really expecting for this to be a big month for Jennifer Lopez. It was a big deal when she helped launch the World Cup with Pitbull and Claudia Leitte with “We Are One,” and we know that she’s got a world tour going on. Still, this was also the month also started with her younger (and now ex) boyfriend seemingly getting caught with a fondness for transsexuals. But now it’s looking like Jennifer Lopez is ready for a big revival–and we sure feel revitalized with her recent hot pics for Billboard magazine.
We’re not sure what inspired Billboard to go with these kind of hot shots. The music publication is usually a little more modest when profiling artists–but we’re thinking that J-Lo wanted to remind the world that she’s still a sex symbol. You know, in case you were a regular American who didn’t watch the World Cup ceremony.
But that isn’t all the J-Lo that we have here. You’ll also find two recent Instagram pics, where Jennifer Lopez ditches the makeup and shows off her bikini’d bod in all of its natural splendor–which is pretty damn splendid for a 45-year-old pop diva. Take a look for yourself, and maybe start cheering for a big J-Lo revival, too…

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