Hanalei Reponty & Emma Stern Nielsen: Wild 'n Foxy For Wildfox [PICS]

It’s no secret that COED loves surfer girls–and we’ve taken the time to surf hot pics of ladies like Alana Blanchard, Anastasia Ashley, and plenty more. We’ve sure been neglecting Hanalei Reponty, though. This amazing surfer has built an incredible reputation that now surfs into legendary with her recent shoot for the Wildfox swimwear line.
Wildfox has given us amazing shoots from the likes of Cintia Dicker, but we’re really going wild over Hanalei Reponty–especially since she’s paired here in a few pics with the striking¬†Emma Stern Nielsen. We’re not sure what cozy little cove these ladies have discovered, but you’re going to be discovering all kinds of amazing new feelings while checking out this shoot…

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