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Faye Viviana on “Longmire” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Faye Viviana on Longmire

(10:00 PM EST, A&E)

Sometimes the See Her Tonight column gets a little selective, and just skips shows like Longmire–that being the A&E series about a rugged lawman working in the outposts of modern-day Wyoming. Yeah, the show has beloved geek goddess Katee Sackhoff looking tough, but Longmire doesn’t exactly set itself up as the kind of thing that showcases bikini babes and hot models like tonight’s guest star Faye Viviana.

But that changes tonight when Longmire has its titular sheriff getting drafted to judge a beauty contest. We wish more shows would think of that kind of thing. Then we could write up Justified more often. Also, we just wrapped up the fourth season of Game of Thrones, and there hasn’t been a beauty contest on that show yet.

Anyway, we’re not sure if Faye Viviana is playing a beauty contestant tonight. We know that she’s playing a Native American, and that’s easy enough for this exotic beauty. She first caught our eye playing a sex addict on the TBS series Sullivan & Show. Faye was just as hard to miss on Castle, although we feel kind of bad that she had to resort to acting after an injury ended her dancing career.

That was way back in 2007, though, and the dance world’s loss is Hollywood’s big gain. Faye certainly deserves to be working a lot more, although we’re sure that casting directors don’t know what to make of a gal who’s gone from playing Asian characters to Native American characters to–well, Faye can pretty much play anything. She’s gorgeous enough that you might miss out on her solid acting skills. We’re hoping that tonight’s Longmire has her as more than just a pretty face, although we’ll still showcase some pretty pics that’ll get you tuning in tonight…

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