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Hana Mae Lee on Californication

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Your See Her Tonight column knew this was coming, but it still feels weird to celebrate Hana Mae Lee showing up on tonight’s Californication as Mi Suk Kok. That doesn’t exactly sound like a great blow (so to speak) for the cause of Asian actresses. But we figure that Hana Mae Lee must have signed on for the role after reading the script, so we’re not going to be judgmental.
Besides. it’s not like Hana Mae Lee is some shrinking violet. She can take care of herself, and has already won over a very loyal fan base after her work as the seemingly  quiet one in Pitch Perfect. We’ll be seeing her in the sequel, too, although a lot of guys probably got excited over Hana with her work on the ABC sitcom Super Fun Night. The (now canceled) sitcom brought us babes like Ashley Tisdale and Alexis Knapp, and it was a proper Pitch Perfect reunion when Hana stopped by Rebel Wilson’s show.
But what really should have brought in the ratings was Hana Mae Lee playing a sexy lesbian named Frankie–who spiced up the show by seducing Lauren Ash’s character and freeing her to come out of the closet. That was the same episode where the characters had a sex-toy sales party. Sadly, those two story lines didn’t converge. The show could’ve made it into another season with that kind of smart plotting.
Anyway, this turn on Californication is a typically bold move from Hana, who’s also an outrageous artist and fashion designer. We’re staying in touch with all of her new developments via Twitter--and these pics will get you ready to stay in touch by tuning in tonight…

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