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5 Best Moments From Bill Cosby’s Father’s Day Reddit AMA… [VIDEO]


COSBY SHOW, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Bill Cosby, Yr 5.1984-1992

Bill Cosby went talking to the kids of Reddit today with an Ask Me Anything session–and it was the best possible Father’s Day gift for followers of the popular internet site. Bill Cosby, after all, remains one of America’s most beloved television dads for his long stint with The Cosby Show.

The popular sitcom went off the air in 1992, but it’s not like there have been any other decent dads allowed on television since then. Dr. Cliff Huxtable is still a fantasy father figure to plenty of grown children. There was a serious Reddit gathering for the big event, and we can only hope that those users all remembered to call up their father afterwards. Which reminds us that we haven’t, either–but first, let’s check out some of the most memorable moments of the instantly-legendary Bill Cosby Father’s Day Reddit AMA…

On not approving of a kid saying the darndest thing…

It was in Greenfield, Mass, a small town not too far from our home. And the Bart Simpson show had made quite a name for itself on TV, it was high in the ratings, and I was walking down main street in Greenfield, and a Bart Simpson-sized kid on a two-wheeler bicycle saw me, and his face turned to surprise, and he used a profanity just like one would think Bart Simpson would say. Hehe! And it was like, you know, the profanity, and he couldn’t believe that Bill Cosby was right there, and it was shock, but he used the profanity, and I did a knee-jerk and I said “you watch your filthy mouth!” and he drove off. But he was yelling “I just saw Bill Cosby!”

On what became of Dr. & Mrs. Huxtable of The Cosby Show

He’d be retired. And she would be retired. And right now they would be somewhere in the south of France, and he would be hiding at a bakery in the morning having two croissants and blueberry jam.

A favorite memory of his own father…

Let me think of a good one. Ok, here we go: I was about eight years old. And he was coming back from the stove after putting food on his plate. And he came up to the table to sit down, and I decided to see what would happen if i moved the chair out from under him. Yes. And he went down but he never touched the floor and he never spilled any of the gravy! But he did go down. And he stood up quickly, and he looked at me, hehe and he said: “Junior: you don’t know what you’re doing.”

On–well, we still haven’t figured this one out…

I saw a black angus cow on my property. It had wandered from the neighbor’s house. And I had a stick, and I became a shepherd.

And, finally, on the infamous Chicken Heart (video below to explain more)…

It is waiting to be animated, so that you will be able to see it and laugh even harder. Hello, hello, waiting for animators to animate the chicken heart.

(That was a very welcome reference to a 1960s comedy routine where Bill Cosby talks about being terrified as a kid by an episode of the old radio show Lights Out, which was about a chicken heart that was taking over the world. It was a real radio sketch, too, as you can hear below….)

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