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Woman Who Won The Week: Bruna Marquezine [26 PICS]


There’s wild World Cup Fever all over the globe as soccer fans watch to see which team wins the FIFA World Cup Trophy–but Bruna Marquezine has already won a soccer player. She’s setting herself up for a threepeat, too. Bruna Marquezine is a big name in her native Brazil as the star of the Brazilian soap opera Em Família. Then the exotic bombshell hit the sports scene when she was romantically linked to the singularly-named FC Barcelona and Brazil soccer star Neymar. [photo via…]

Bruna and Neymar were one of the biggest celebrity couples in the world for most of 2013. That was before Neymar seemingly took a tip from COED and broke up with Bruna on February 11th of this year. That’s right–Neymar saved himself the cost of a Valentine’s Day present.

But now all seems to be forgiven, judging from this Instagram pic that Neymar posted after Thursday’s big game…

That looks like a happy couple. We know that we’d sure be happy if we were Neymar. Heck, we’d even be willing to invest in a decent Valentine’s Day present next year. Anyway, there are a lot of beauties like Claudia Leitte and Vanessa Huppenkothen winning new fans, but Bruna’s the only sex symbol to reclaim the title of World’s Biggest WAG. Now get even more sensations from this international sensation…

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