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The Top 40 Sexiest Instagram Pics of the Week [June 7th—13th]


The week might have ended with Friday the 13th, but that didn’t keep the past seven days from being stacked with amazingly hot Instagram moments–including Amanda Cerny (above) joining Nicole Mejia in giving us a case of World Cup Fever on the opening day. That was still just a small part of a wonderful week watching models go from modeling bikinis to just stripping down completely. Now we’ve stripped down that parade of Instagram princesses to a Hot 40 of the finest femmes.

Those bikini babes include the likes Shontina Rose, Devin Brugman, Bryana Holly, Hailey Clauson, Sarah Stage, and more. There’s also an athletic pairing of Devin with Natasha Oakley, while Savannah K. looks to be in a hurry to get out of her suit. Zamayra Centeno made it clear that she sure wasn’t going to bother with a top.

Meanwhile, Natalie Light and Chelsea Yamase were eager to get to the bottom of their bikini modeling. Lingerie lovers can get distracted by the likes of Danielle Ruiz and Sara Rollins–plus Brittany Leigh managing to turn a sweater into a striptease.

Samantha Strom manages to do the same for denim, and there’s another awesome display from Megan Retzlaff & Catie Holtz. There are plenty more hot twists in this wild roundup of the finest 40 moments in our Instagram history–so check out this gallery and start living in the past…

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