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“Game of Thrones” Jason Momoa is Your New Aquaman


jason momoa aquaman

It appears that Nikki Finke’s report about Warner Bros. ramping up its plans for more DC Comics’ movies is coming true–because reports are confirming that actor Jason Momoa has been picked up to play Aquaman.

Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny first confirmed the casting decision and noted that the Game of Thrones star (who also tried to revive the Conan franchise) will pick up his first trident in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice scheduled for release in May of 2016. So far, Momoa’s been hounded endlessly about whether or not he would play the King of Atlantis in the WB’s string of DC Comics’ movies. That finally reached a breaking point during an appearance at the Detroit Comic Con when a reporter brought up the question for the umpteenth time. Momoa went off on the guy and called him “annoying” and told him to “get the f*** out of here” before apologizing and acknowledging that he was just playing with the guy, even if he was getting tired about being asked about the “rumor.”

Well, it’s no longer a rumor now. He’s officially the least liked and least useful member of the Justice League. We’re not saying that he shouldn’t be happy to be part of these upcoming movies but it does feel a bit like being the water boy (no pun intended) on a football team when you’re standing next to the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman.

Jason also just got done playing the lead in a revamped Conan The Barbarian that really tanked at the box office so moving from one of the cinema’s greatest heroes to one of the Justice League’s least popular heroes feels like a demotion of some kind. Still, it could have been worse. We could have gotten Matt Damon instead.

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