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Warner Bros. Has a Ton of DC Comics Movies in the Works


justice league

Warner Bros. is planning on blanketing the box office roster with more comic book movies based on popular DC Comics in the coming years.

Nikki Finke–the Deadline founder who left the site last year and just started her own entertainment news blog–launched her new site with big news about Warner Bros. Studios’ plans for the next four years. She said that they really want to start competing with Marvel Comics now that they’ve gotten more than just their feet wet with big screen stories starring their most popular characters. So they’ve pulled out their date planners and set some definitive times for some comic book movies of their own and we’re not just talking about Batman vs. Superman, which they’ve set for release sometime in May of 2016.

Just two months after Batman vs. Superman, they are planning to release a Shazam movie and a Sandman movie the following Christmas. Those movie will do the prep work for the Justice League movie set for release in May of 2017, which will be followed by a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie in July of 2017. Then we’ll get to see a Flash and Green Lantern team-up movie the next Christmas–and finally Man of Steel 2 in May of 2018.

They are also trying to get some stars to dress up and make cameos in those movies as other comic book characters in order to prep them for their own stand-alone films like Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman. So far, they are negotiating with the actors to fill those roles and we could hear the famous names that will don the form fitting superhero tights for these movies very soon. As exciting as all this is, we would really hate to be Ryan Reynolds right now. He must be so depressed. He must feel like the schoolyard kid in kickball who knows he’ll never get picked because he accidentally hit himself in the crotch while running the bases.

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