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Vanessa Huppenkothen Spends The World Cup With GQ & Esquire [PICS]


Vanessa Huppenkothen GQ

Nobody’s having a bigger World Cup competition than Vanessa Huppenkothen–and the lovely Latina sportscaster has already won the covers of Mexican editions of GQ and Esquire. That’s just another big win for Vanessa, too. The sexy sportscaster started out working for the Mexico-based Televisa Deportes, and that company sure wasn’t shy about showcasing that special brand of Vanessa Huppenkothen sex appeal. [photo via…]

Vanessa is also a solid sports reporter, too–and has done color coverage and sideline reporting for futbol. She also seems set to break out in the States for covering football, since Vanessa isn’t shy about invoking the Dallas Cowboys as one of her favorite sports teams. She’s even covered the Super Bowl, in addition to working the Olympics.

And, as you can kind of expect, Vanessa is also a popular television personality in her market. That includes a stint on Dancing with the Stars or Strictly Ballroom or whatever the big celebrity dance show is in Mexico. We’re not sure about that, but watching Vanessa cover the World Cup had convinced us to learn more about wherever it is that she’s covering sports. You’ll want to learn more about Vanessa uncovering herself for GQ and Esquire, with some shots from the new issues as part of this World Cup-worthy collection–which includes stills from a GQ video that you can watch below…

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