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News Reporter Doesn’t Realize He’s Talking to Bob Odenkirk [VIDEO]



Bob Odenkirk Anonymous News Interview

A Calgary reporter doing a story on a FX’s Fargo shooting some scenes in town stopped a guy for an interview and learned he was actually on the show. He failed to recognize, however, that the man he was talking to was Bob “Better Call Freakin’ Saul” Odenkirk.

The cast and crew of FX’s Fargo have been shooting in and around Calgary for its first groundbreaking season and plans are already in the works to bring it back for another string of episodes but with a different cast. We’re sure the new season will be great but we’ll kind of miss the current star-studded cast they’ve put together such as Police Chief Bill Oswalt who is played by Bob Odenkirk, the star of HBO’s Mr. Show and AMC’s Breaking BadFargo’s presence in Calgary has brought a lot of attention to the super cold, Canadian town so local reporters have been covering the hell out of it.

A reporter for Global News was shooting a report across the scene from a nearby shoot and he stopped someone who just happened to be in the show. The reporter fails to recognize exactly who he’s talking to and Odenkirk is either in on the joke or an extremely classy guy because he never lets on or tries to hint at who he is the entire time he’s on camera.

We don’t mean to rag on the reporter because if you’re not a comedy snob or a huge fan of Breaking Bad or FX’s Fargo, it would be easy not to recognize the guy. He’s not exactly a household name and Odenkirk found fame and mainstream acclaim late in his career when he scored the role of his lifetime on Breaking Bad. However, if you work in TV, shouldn’t you be required to actually watch it once in a while? Ponder that while watching this…


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