Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: 10 Years of Being Legal [PICS]

It’s the 28th birthday of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen–and it would be pretty funny if we just ignored one and pretended like we were only celebrating the birthday of the pretty one. But that would be dishonest. Also, there are some Olsen Twins obsessives who actually debate whether Mary-Kate or Ashley is the pretty one, and we don’t want to get into that kind of thing.  [photo via..]
Besides, the truth is that Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen are both perfectly hot multimillionaires. They also get to be really smug in being incredibly successful in ways that guys never anticipated back when it was a joke to count down to their 18th birthday. Certain horrible men thought that was going to mean a Playboy pictorial.
After all, the Olsen Twins certainly didn’t have a cool reputation after wrapping up their turns sharing the role of cute kid Michelle Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House. They had gone on to make really sappy direct-to-video movies and dopey kiddie music. Their attempt at big-screen success quickly fizzled out with the dopey 2004 comedy New York Minute.
But people who read business magazines knew that the Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen had already built a business empire with their Dualstar company. The sisters took control of the company on their 18th birthday, and have gone on to become two of the biggest names in the fashion industry–in addition to still occasionally indulging in acting.
They also still love the camera. Well, at least when they’re promoting the Dualstar empire. That’s given us plenty of pics of the Olsen Twins over the years, so let’s look back at these filthy-rich beauties who inspire…um, really clean thoughts…

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