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Girls of the World Cup 2014 on Instagram: Day 1 [72 PHOTOS]


Girls of WorldCup Instagram

The ultimate challenge in Brazil isn’t the quest for the World Cup in soccer (sorry, we mean futbol). The real ultimate challenge in Brazil right now is for hot babes looking to steal the spotlight from the biggest sports event on the planet. Well, we’re very happy to report that a lot of beauties in Brazil are declaring that challenge to be accepted.

We’re going to be taking a daily look at the most amazing Instagram pics throughout the World Cup. “But,” you might ask, “will there be enough beautiful women in Brazil to actually provide a daily recap of hot futbol femmes?” Yeah. Just check out this amazing first collection, and admire the television cameramen who were able to keep their eyes on the opening ceremony and not just keep panning the comely crowds. It helped that Claudia Leitte was onstage, but you’ll find that these sports fans were serious competition…

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