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“Game Of Thrones,” Season 4: 9 Best Scenes Leading To The Finale [GIFS]



On Sunday night, HBO will air the much-awaited finale of Game of Thrones‘ fourth season. With 18.4 million viewers tuning into each episode, GoT has become HBO’s most popular show ever. And if that wasn’t enough, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss said in a statement that the finale is “perhaps the finest hour we’ve produced.” That’s a pretty serious claim. Join COED in reminiscing about this season’s best and bloodiest moments, in honor of the episode that’s promising to top it all.

Joffrey’s Death
In Episode 2, fans got to see a character die that, for once, they actually wanted to die. Poor Jack Gleeson. If you have yet to discover that he is awesome in real life, check out this Q&A. The Internet had a little too much fun making millions of GIFS like this…

The Oberyn/Tywin brothel scene
Season 4 brought us the rise and fall of one of the few likable people in King’s Landing: Prince Oberyn of Dorne. Have you noticed that the best characters in this show are the shameless hedonists who aren’t afraid to talk sh!t to Lord Tywin? (Happy belated birthday, Peter!) It was particularly wonderful to see Oberyn combine these elements in Episode 3. Orgy as power play. Genius.

Bran takes over Hodor
This bad-assery was a rare change of pace for the character that could always use a change of pace…

Stannis visits the Iron Bank
So much to love here. A glimpse of Braavos. Mark Gatiss looking dastardly. Stannis getting insulted. Ser Davos saving the day…

Tyrion’s speech
Oh man. If Peter Dinklage wasn’t Peter Dinklage, this episode-ending monologue set to swooning cellos could have been WAY too much. But our favorite Lannister pulled it off–while collecting the best reaction shots of the show’s history…

Sansa’s transformation.
Last time I checked, Sansa was the Skylar White of Game of Thrones. But she’s come a long way since batting her eyelashes at Joffrey back in Winterfell. It was fun to watch her lie and flirt her way around in Episode 8. Looks like Arya isn’t the only Stark girl to watch out for…

So, this scene was actually pretty depressing. “Theon” lasted about 30 seconds on his slaveboy errand before falling apart. But if you squinted, it was kind of like getting a glimpse of Theon from the good old days, back when he was making crazy eyes next to Robb Stark instead of Ramsey Bolton…

The Trial by Combat
Oberyn’s mind-blowing (get it?) demise is an example of why we shouldn’t doubt Benioff and Wise’s promise about this finale: this show will never stop shocking. Equally entertaining as the fight sequence was the outrage online. C’mon, people. If you haven’t learned to watch this show with a heart of stone, then you deserved to have it smashed to bits by Gregor Clegane.

Giants–Shooting Giant Arrows! 
How much money did HBO spend on Episode 9? Don’t answer that. It was Lord of the Rings meets Die Hard. It was everything.

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