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“The Magic School Bus” Returning To Netflix [VIDEO]


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Netflix just continues to amaze us with the shows that they’re resurrecting from the dead. Next up on the awesome shows brought back from your childhood memories is The Magic School Bus. And if you don’t remember The Magic School Bus, we feel sorry for the inner child in you. The show was (or is) about a magic school bus filled with a bunch of kids and their crazy teacher who would take them on all kinds of adventures.

Netflix is acquiring the worldwide streaming rights of 26 half-hour episodes of a followup to The Magic School Bus. It will be called The Magic School Bus 360˚ and the new series will feature an updated version of the original series’ lead character Ms. Frizzle, and the young scientists featured will use “newer scientific tools, such as robots or a smart suit worn by the character Carlos that determines his body’s vital signs instantly.” The magic school bus will be even more magical.

Well, count us as officially excited. We’re guessing that many-a night will be filled with bong-rips, Cheetos and the updated Magic School Bus series. Sadly-we have to wait until 2016 when the show will drop on Netflix. Check out the amazing original theme song below. Let’s hope they don’t update this…

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