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“The Interview” Trailer: James Franco & Seth Rogen Go Killing [VIDEO]


James Franco Seth Rogen The Interview Trailer

Here’s the new trailer for the upcoming Seth Rogen & James Franco comedy The Interview, where they play, respectively, a producer and journalist who are recruited to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un–and it’s a comedy, but we’re still thinking that North Korea is going to package it as a vicious propaganda movie. That’s pretty funny, too.

Anyway, this is another alleged teaser trailer that really runs for as long as what used to be a regular trailer. We guess that we’ll eventually get the proper trailer that gives away too much of The Interview‘s plot. For now, though, this footage does a great job of making The Interview seem like a lot of fun. Unless you’re Kim Jong-un, but that guy’s overdue for some ridicule at the American multiplexes. It’s been ten years since we went after his dad with Team America: World Police

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