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Petra Nemcova Hits The Gym for the World Cup (& Portugal GQ) [PICS]


We’re just going to pretend that Petra Nemcova is working out because she has World Cup Fever–although it probably has more to do with Portugal GQ wanting Petra to make a great case for guys getting to the gym. Specifically, so that guys can work things out with gals like Petra Nemcova. This is also part of a big comeback worthy of the sports world. It was a big deal last year when Petra returned to modeling with some sexy work for the Wild Orchid lingerie line last year.

Now it looks like Petra is back in fighting shape–and she sure doesn’t need to be working her way back through the farm teams of Portugal GQ. Actually, GQ has a pretty major following in Portugal, so it makes sense for the Czech beauty to be rocking her way back into the fashion world with that fine publication. Now check out some fine pics capable of giving the world some serious World Petra Fever….

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