Miss USA Nia Sanchez Does The “Top Ten List” For Letterman [VIDEO]


“What do they call beauty pageants these days? Exercises in higher living,” jokes Letterman sidekick Paul Shaffer. It certainly seems like Miss USA Nia Sanchez is a gift from above, that’s for sure. This woman has everything and more. In David Letterman’s usual Top 10 lists, we actually got to see Sanchez exercise a bit of her humor in going through the top 10 Miss USA Pageant Mistakes. Check out her Top 10 List below (and the video underneath)…

Top 10 Miss USA Pageant Mistakes:

10. Pronouncing U.S.A. as “You-sah”

9. Telling the judges you’ll be late due to a gang related commitment

8. You’re the only one on stage eating ribs. (“If you’re eating ribs on stage, you’ve got my vote,” adds Dave)

6. Forgetting which Dakota you represent

5. Devoting interview to pointing out your chigger bites

4. Blasting air horns to drown out the other contestants

3. Describing the tiara as pawnable

2. Lighting the mood with a Donald trump joke

1. You keep shouting “Long Live Vladimir Putin!”

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