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James Harden Talks “Destiny,” World Cup Basketball, And The Best ASU Late Night Food



James Harden–the best video gamer in the Rockets locker room and also good at other things–has been chilling at E3 in Los Angeles this week.

The Bearded One partnered with Activision and had the honor of being one of the first people to check out Destiny (see the new trailer here). In addition to that, Harden was joined by Snoop Dogg and the two of them had the honor of being the first people to ever have their selfies sent into outer space. Fans of Destiny can follow suit by taking a photo of themselves and hashtagging it with #DestinySelfie. These photos will be beamed into outer space by Activision.

After he got some quality minutes on the sticks with Destiny, James sat down to talk to us about what he’s been up to this summer. Check out that interview below.

COED: You’re in Los Angeles right now?

James Harden: Yea man, I’m in LA at E3

COED: Nice, nice, nice. How long have you been in LA for?

JH: Uh..couple days.

COED: I saw actually that you were hanging out with KD at a club in LA are you guys still close like that?

JH: Yea, that’s my boy. That’s like my brother. Obviously we’re not on the same team, but, you know, we still hang out when we get an opportunity to.

COED: That’s good to hear. I know that you’d probably rather win a championship over him any day, but that’s good to hear that you guys can still be friends. Speaking of which, tonight Game 4 – can I get a game prediction from you? Not over the series, just tonight. Who do you think is going to win?

JH: That’s a tough one; I’m not sure. I haven’t really been watchin’ the series, so I don’t know, but both are tremendous teams, you know. Obviously, Miami played really well at home but the Spurs are a really good road team, so…you know.

COED: Is that like a decompression thing you go through after a series like that or is that just kind of like the natural reaction?

JH: What do you mean?

COED: Well, I don’t know…it’s the NBA Finals I would think that you would be watching it. Like I’m watching it. I’m a fan–not a player–so I don’t know what it’s like but I’m just curious if you were just taking time off from watching the Finals this time. Or is that a regular thing?

JH: No, it’s a regular thing. You know, obviously I’ve only been to the finals one time so…

COED: Right.

JH: So if I’m not in it it’s like if I catch it on I’ll catch it. But, I’m not like, you know, forced to watch it so…

COED: Nope, fair enough. So what are you up to this summer then?

JH: Just trying to, you know, do a little resting and kind of starting to get back in game shape and then get ready for the FIBA World Cup basketball championships this summer.

COED: Nice, oh you’re playing in those this summer?

JH: Yea.

COED: What’s going to be – who else is on the squad with you?

JH: We’re not sure yet. The tryouts are in the end of July, so hopefully I’ll make the team.

COED: Hopefully. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, man although I don’t think a first team All-NBA player is going to have an issue making the squad. That should be a lot of fun.

JH: Yea, it should be exciting.

COED: Sick, sick. Daryl Morey has been rumored to be talking to Kevin Love. I know that I’m talking to him tomorrow, courtesy of Activision, but have you seen him in LA yet?

JH: Who? Kevin?

COED: Yeah.

JH: No, I haven’t seen him yet. I think he should be out here because, like, he’s usually out here in the summer time. So, I mean, I haven’t ran into him or anything.

COED: Did Daryl ask you to send him any special messages or something? Or should be thinking about –

JH: No, no [laughter].


COED: Just asking. Alright, so who would you say is the best gamer in the Rockets locker room right now?

JH: Definitely me.

COED: Yea? Are you a big Call of Duty fan?

JH: Yea, Call of Duty, 2K, Madden…

COED: Yea? What about Destiny? Does that game look very good?

JH: Yea, I actually just got finished playing it and it’s amazing. You’ve got a variety of different features that are all on point and I’m excited to have the game in my hands.

COED: I think you speak for all of us. I’ve been excited for that game for a very long time. I’ve got one last question for you. We did a post today on our about the best late night foods at colleges and I know you went to ASU. Did you have a particularly favorite restaurant at ASU?

JH: Uhhhhh…that’s a good one. Probably that pizza spot –

COED: Oregano’s Pizza Bistro? Does that sound familiar?

JH: Yea.

COED: That’s it?

JH: Yea, Oregano’s is amazing.

COED: Well we heard that’s the bomb – that’s the one we’ve got on our list. All right, thanks a lot. Enjoy the rest of your time at E3. We’re looking forward to Destiny, looking forward to watching you, hopefully if you make the team, at the world basketball classic. Take care man.

JH: Appreciate it.

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