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Happy Birthday, Adriana Lima: Her 46 Sexiest Shots of 2014 [PHOTOS]


Adriana Lima turns 32 years old today as one of the sexiest supermodels to ever emerge from Brazil–and take a moment to ponder how that puts her at the top of a really extensive list. She’s also marking 14 years as a Victoria’s Secret model, and Adriana Lima is also one of the biggest names in this year’s World Cup competitions. That’s courtesy of her sexy new Kia commercials. That still counts, though.  [photo via…]

Those commercials are still just part of what’s been a very busy 2014 for Adriana. Tragically (yeah, really tragically), that’s included Adriana announcing the end of her marriage to Serbian NBA player Marko Jarić. The great news–besides Adriana being back on the market–is that Adriana has taken comfort by throwing herself into her work.

The pics below kind of touch on her recent sexy pics for Interview magazine, and her hot turn on the Cannes red carpet. There are also plenty of recent reminders that Adriana is celebrating her birthday as one of the most inspiring (and wealthiest) ladies working in fashion. Check out these amazing shot that’ll inspire you, too…

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