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Claudia Leitte Opens World Cup Ceremony, Wins World Of Fans [36 PICS]


Claudia Leitte was probably the least famous lady performing during the World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony–but she’s gotten used to stealing the spotlight from Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. They’ve been performing all over the world to push Pitbull’s international hit “We Are One.” That included opening this year’s Billboard’s Music Awards. [photo via…]

There’s still a whole wide world who just became Claudie Leitte fans while watching her writhe around in a sexy (and sparkly) outfit. She’s always been a big deal in her homeland of Brazil–or, at least, ever since she started topping the pop charts while fronting the band Babado Novo back in 2001. She stayed with the band until 2008, and then took off to instant solo stardom. That includes work as a judge on the Brazilian brand of The Voice.

Claudia is about to turn 34 years old next month, and she’s poised to finally break out internationally. We’re hoping that Claudia’s not mature enough to also keep busting out of her clothes. You’ll want to follow her Brazilian beach antics on Instagram–but first take a look at these 36 pics, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll see Claudia has what it takes to rock America…

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