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“Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” Trailer: Lotsa Dead Men Walking [VIDEO]


Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Here’s the official first full trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For–and the unlikely sequel has a lot of unlikely stars. We’re pretty sure that’s cool character actor Powers Boothe and a strangely small Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the pic above–and it makes sense for them to be in the movie. Fans of the original Sin City (released way back in 2005) remember that Boothe plays one of the most corrupt bastards running Basin City. Yeah, that’s the real full name of Sin City.

Anyway, casual fans of the film will be baffled to see Bruce Willis back as dead cop John¬†Hartigan, plus Mickey Rourke returning as Marv–the noble savage who we last saw requiring maximum voltage in an electric chair during the first film. But the Sin City comic books have always been non-linear. We’ll still concede that Hartigan is spending this film as a ghostly counselor, but that just means that the critics will get to make a lot of Sixth Sense jokes.

Anyway, the new Sin City looks just as cool as the original. The only flaw in that one was that 2005’s Sin City recreated the comic books perfectly enough to kind of be redundant. We’re going to stay away from our copies of the graphic novel until the film comes out on August 22nd–but we’re enjoying how familiar most of this looks…

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