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Johnny Manziel Gets Permission To Party From Browns Coach Mike Pettine


Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns

The life and times of Johnny Manziel are worth a million dollars, from his Las Vegas parties to the ultimate honor of dating a Miss COED. The latest Manziel story involves him floating on a swan and spraying champagne at a pool party. But it looks like Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine isn’t worried about it.

The team has already decided not to allow the media to have access to Manziel until training camp. The Browns clearly are making sure that Manziel stays under the radar in that aspect. If Johnny Football wants to have fun right now, so be it. The problem will come in if he starts doing some odd things during the season. At that point, the Browns need to worry.

The good times continue in the wild world of Manziel. It could be fodder for a soap opera–and sooner rather than later, with all the twists and turns involved in his story.


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