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Hoodie Allen Throws Fire On New Tribute To “Nolan Ryan” [MUSIC]



Hoodie Allen does not hold back  on his new track. The rapper from Long Island absolutely slays the beat on “Nolan Ryan” with zingers like, “Oh you’d rather be James Dean? I’d rather be me, bitch!” Just try and not bop your head as this song helps get you through your slow Wednesday afternoon.

Why’s it named after infamous pitcher Nolan Ryan? Just wait until the fourth verse when you hear Hoodie rap about throwing fire. It’s always nice to know that no matter how big Hoodie may be–or certainly will be–he will always give out free music for his fans.

In case you missed his hilarious video with a great cameo from Tommy Lee from about a month ago, make sure and check that out, too. But first check out “Nolan Ryan” below and cop your free download…

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