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E3 Day Two Recap: “Zelda,” “Super Smash Bros.” and “Destiny” [VIDEOS]



Nintendo had to wait until the end of the first day to premiere their new titles in the hopes of salvaging the damage left by the poor sales of their WiiU. However, they seem to be making an earnest attempt to stage a serious comeback by bringing out some of the bigger guns in their arsenal of classic video game franchises.

For starters, they finally confirmed what fans have been clamoring for since their disastrous E3 press conference in 2012 when Nintendo introduced the world to the WiiU by ending with a demo of NintendoLand. Nintendo announced a brand new Legend of Zelda title in the works that stars Link fighting an endless series of monsters in an open world that looks lush, detailed and just beautiful. The trailer didn’t feature much gameplay footage or even an official title but what it showed was smart and focused on the classic NES game that made it such a beloved franchise. More importantly, it showed what the WiiU is capable of doing when you have a strong title to play on it…


They even treated the crowd to footage of not one, but two Zelda games with Hyrule Warriors, a massive beat-em-up that lets you play as a number of different Hyrule heroes in an open world smash fest…


Nintendo also scored some “oohs” and “aahs” with the trailer for the new Super Smash Bros. that’s headed for the WiiU. It’s bound to add a ton of new characters to its already impressive roster but they really hit a homer when they decided to add a certain gaming giant to the list…


Nintendo even threw some stuff at the crowd that they didn’t know they wanted like Mario Maker, a creation title that lets you build your own Super Mario levels from the original NES version to the New Super Mario Bros. WiiU


There’s even some more mature titles in Nintendo’s usual family friendly line of games. They showed off a gruesome fighter/shooter called Devil’s Third that’s sure to earn a “M” rating before it hits the shelves…


Nintendo also called in another old standby that’s always a crowd pleaser with the trailer for Monster Hunter 4


All in all, Nintendo actually had a good day at E3 for once–but they weren’t the only company with something exciting to show off to the masses. Bungie gave the gamers their first good glance at Destiny, a fearsome, role playing epic for the Xbox One

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