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Chad Smith, Will Ferrell Officially Challenge Lars Ulrich To Drum-Off




The game is still very much on. Look-a-likes Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith have now officially challenged Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich to a second drum battle, following the epic drum-off on The Tonight Show. According to an interview with SPIN, this rivalry has not yet faded. Apparently, the Metallica drummer gets mixed up with both him and Smith–so now the feuding drummers have decided to bring Ulrich into the ring with them.

We found out some interesting tidbits throughout the SPIN article-like how the whole drum-off concept actually began. According to Ferrell, ” It was during that Reddit AMA, and someone had made a comment. The question was, “Is this Will Ferrell or is this Chad Smith?” And then I made some comment like, “There actually isn’t a real Will Ferrell. Chad Smith just plays the part of Will Ferrell.” But then all the sudden Chad chimed in and said, “Enough of this. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being mistaken for Will Ferrell. Let’s have a drum-off.”

Ferrell continues, “Meanwhile, this was all in conjunction — it was a contest on Prizeo to raise money for this charity I’m involved with called Cancer for College. And then all of the sudden I think it was Chad’s idea that if we hit a certain mark, $300,000, we’d do this drum-off. Which, I was like, “Sure, I don’t know what that means, exactly… Lo and behold, we hit the number and that led to figuring out where and how and when we would do it.”

Well, let’s hope that Ulrich agrees to another drum-off now that we know it can be done (although he’s been known to be not the friendliest of people). If you don’t remember the amazing first drum off-check it out below again and relive the glory…

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