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Alyssa Veniece on Suits

(9:00 PM EST, USA)

So it’s another season of Suits on the USA network, and your See Her Tonight column isn’t getting particularly excited over that because lately Suits has just been another show about lawyers, but it seems the suits who run Suits have found a way to liven things up with some background decorating. Specifically, Suits is beautifying the office background with Alyssa Veniece as a hot new paralegal.  [photo via…]

That might even be the billing that Alyssa Veniece gets in the episode: “Hot New Paralegal.” That’s okay, though. Suits is just part of Alyssa’s amazingly busy year as a hot new actress. The bikini model had managed a few random small roles over the years, but 2014 has Alyssa set to rack up over a dozen appearances on both the big and small screen. That includes some more background work on shows like Hemlock Grove and Beauty and the Beast, but she’s also worked in a small role on the upcoming Fast & Furious 7.

Most importantly, Alyssa Veniece has filmed a role for Lost Girl–that being the Canadian fantasy series that keeps us fantasizing about lesbianic action from the likes of Anna Silk, Zoie PalmerRachel Skarsten, Mia Kirshner, and Ali Liebert. We’re very excited to see what Alyssa has happening there. That’s also a reminder that this exotic gal is a Canadian beauty, but it looks like she’s settling into Hollywood. Now settle in to check out more hot pics of the gal who’ll get you–well, whatever the opposite of “suited up” is…

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