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Nicki Minaj “Pills N Potions”: The 38 Sexiest Stills [PICS + VIDEO]


Nicki Minaj continues her bid to become a non-glam sex symbol with today’s debut of the new music video for “Pills N Potions”–and, well, mission accomplished. The actual song is pretty amazing, and scores as a pop tune that sounds destined to be sampled for a few decades into the future. Nicki’s look is also very memorable. We guarantee that no amount of popping Pez dispensers or twitching bunnies will distract you from Nicki writhing around and sporting bunny ears.

You’ll find some corporate placements for the Beats brand and Nicki’s own perfume line, but that’s not enough to convince us that the pop diva is settling in as a serious talent. And you also get some serious underboob–much like during Nicki’s show at the Hot 97 Summer Jam. We’re going to consider that to be a serious artistic statement.

So check out Nicki like we’ve seen her before, but not like we’ve seen nearly enough of her before then. If you know what we mean…

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