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John Oliver Explains Why FIFA Is Evil, Or Worse [VIDEO]


john oliver fifa

John Oliver, the Daily Show correspondent turned host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, did another staggering takedown of something that you didn’t know needed to be taken down. This time, he turned his attention to FIFA and the World Cup.

Of course, we’ve probably lost your attention because that last sentence contained a reference to the word “soccer,” a sport that American fans care less about than miniature golf and darts that use suction cup tips. Oliver, however, confirmed your natural suspicion of a sport that won’t let you use your hands. The World Cup may be the biggest sporting event in the world but it’s run by FIFA, an organization that’s ridiculously corrupt, needlessly powerful and totally destructive.

The latest games are about to get underway in Brazil and controversy started brewing long before FIFA pulled their name out of an envelope. Oliver did a superb job explaining why they or any other country trying to get a World Cup bid shouldn’t be happy about it…

Oliver has carved out an interesting space for himself in comedy. He’s become the NPR of news satire. He may only do one show a week but he crams in a lot of stories that not only don’t get coverage on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” but also don’t get any coverage in the mainstream news media. Plus, his shows just get progressively better and better with each new episode in surprising new ways. We didn’t think anything could top Oliver’s epic takedown of the FCC’s bizarre desire to dismantle net neutrality but even more surprising, we never thought the thing that would top it would be a story about soccer.

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