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Izabel Goulart Models Handbras For Lui Magazine [82 PICS]


We’re pretty much convinced that Lui is the finest publication in all of France–or maybe in the world, if we’re talking about a world of beauties like Izabel Goulart doffing their tops for the magazine. Lui has already seen Rihanna getting banned from Instagram over posting her photo shoot for the magazine. Other ladies have held on to their clothes for Lui, but that’s always been a surprise. ¬†[photo via…]

It’s barely been a month since Gisele Bundchen¬†went naked for Lui–although she managed to be a little more discreet with her disrobing than Rihanna could manage. And now we have Izabel Goulart starring in a black-and-white study that we’re studying very seriously.

Of course, Izabel has good reason to take off her clothes. You can follow her Instagram account to get regular pics of herself in the gym–which we guess is good motivation for her, and excellent motivation for ourselves.

But you really need to check out the latest issue of Lui to appreciate Izabel’s flawless look–which sure doesn’t look Photoshopped. As you can see here, photographer Daniel Jackson has gotten Izabel really exposed for a beautiful shoot. This is just part of Izabel’s amazing year, too. Check out the Lui pics, but then hang around for a look back at Izabel’s other hottest pics from the past 18 months. Lots of them in color, too…

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