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@HiddenCash Guy Is Moving Operation From San Francisco Elsewhere



The super awesome guy behind the @HiddenCash craze in San Francisco is moving the phenomenon across the country to New York City. Jason Buzi–who was recently uncovered as the guy who’d been hiding money across San Fran and tweeting clues–has decided to spread the good gospel to other cities as well. Buzi recently appeared on CNN and said there would be a drop in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In addition to New York, cash will be hidden in Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston and Mexico City.

The real question of it all is: Why?

For all we can muster, Buzi is just a really good dude. He’s a real estate investor/entrepreneur and has said that “the movement” began with the idea that it would be “fun.” There’s anywhere between $10K and $15K that’s been given away thus far.

We want to think that there’s not some secret hidden agenda behind it all and that Buzi is really just the nicest guy ever-but part of us thinks there might be some sort of crazy evil scheme in the making about people’s true natures! Maybe we’re just pessimists though…

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