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Helena Mattsson on “Fargo” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Helena Mattsson on Fargo

(10:00 PM EST, F/X)

So here’s how your See Her Tonight column imagines the talk over at F/X over Fargo: “Everybody in Hollywood knows that beautiful woman can’t possibly exist in Fargo, North Dakota, but we need to have some kind of hot babe on the show, and there were a lot of funny Swedish names in that movie version, so let’s get a hot Swedish model/actress like–um, Helena Mattsson.”  [photo via…]

And while we disagree with our fictional Hollywood executive about the women of Fargo, we’re also very happy to have Helena Mattsson showing up on Fargo. She makes a nice contrast to the more solidly-built bod of Kate Walsh. We’ve been following Helena’s solid career for a while, too. Miranda first caught our eye with a thankless lead role in the 2007 sci-fi shocker Species: The Awakening–but she soon became more respectable with turns on series like Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, and Cold Case.

A stint as a spy on Nikita really caught Hollywood’s eye, and Helena went on to the short-lived 666 Park Avenue and a nice stint on Betrayal. Helena’s shown off plenty of talent, too, and is easily holding her own amongst the Fargo cast. You’ll want to tune her in tonight–but first, check out some hellaciously hot Helena pics…

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