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Greer Grammer: Kelsey’s Daughter Can’t Train Her Sideboob [PICS]


Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Greer–who’s a regular on MTV’s Awkward.–didn’t get the memo that How To Train Your Dragon 2 is a kid’s movie. At last, that’s what we’re figuring after Greer Grammer showed up rocking some serious sideboob on the red carpet for the animated sequel. [photo via…]

But maybe we shouldn’t be so judgmental. It’s barely been a month since Lea Michelle showed up at the premiere for Legends of Oz while also baring her breasts. We have to assume that Lea knew something about the movie, since she actually voiced the starring role.

Greer Grammer sure got the starring role on the Dragon red carpet, so maybe this was just some bid for attention–which is fine with us. Greer could stand more attention. She’s been doing some fun work as a complicated cheerleader on Awkward., and has made some fun indie films. Yes, that’s most likely because she’s the kind of Hollywood rich kid who can be selective in her roles. We’re still going to be Greer fans–especially if she stays as selective with her wardrobe…

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