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Teresa Ruiz on “Major Crimes” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Teresa Ruiz on Major Crimes

(9:00 PM EST, TNT)

Major Crimes returns to basic cable tonight–and your See Her Tonight column didn’t really notice that it had gone away for a while, but we’re going to pay more attention if we keep seeing more of Teresa Ruiz on the show. The exotic Mexican actress has spent an international career on the stage, but only sneaked into our living rooms way back in January on–well, Major Crimes, so that’s been way too long without Teresa Ruiz.  [photo via…]

We’re pretty sure that Teresa was just playing the girlfriend of some murdered guy back then, so we’re not sure why she’s back as the show returns for a third season. We’re sure not complaining, though. This is the start of Teresa becoming a regular presence on American television, too. She’s also appearing this week on FOX’s Gang Related–joining the likes of Gang Related beauties like Inbar Lavi and Erica Ocampo–while we’re hoping that her big-screen biopic of legendary Mexican comic Cantinflas will make the indie arthouse circuit in the States.

And, of course, Teresa Ruiz speaks the international language of being a scorching hot beauty–which you’ll appreciate in these pics which show off Teresa’s major beauty…

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