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Nic Cage Goes To Vegas for Guns N’ Roses, Breaks The Internet [PIC]


The internet loves Nic Cage–and it would appear that he’s picked up on that. The actor and all-around hilarious person decided to wear a tee-shirt with a picture of himself on it to a Guns N Roses concert. It would seem that Cage might be making an homage to the Macaulay Culkin-Ryan Gosling now infamous “inception” picture. Or maybe it’s just Nic Cage being Nic Cage. He’s also drinking out of a goblet filled with wine, wearing a cowboy hat, sporting leather pants, and is hanging out with comedian Andrew Dice Clay backstage at a Guns N’ Roses concert in Las Vegas.

The photo is, in fact, from Guns N’ Roses’ Instagram account–and it’s safe to say that Cage is winning life, and we should all bow down to the king of the freak outs…

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