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Natalie Portman: 35 Sexy Pics For Her 33rd Birthday [PHOTOS]


Natalie Portman turns 33 years old today–that being June 9th, 2014–as the only person in the Star Wars prequels that fans would actually like to see again in the next batch of Star Wars films. That isn’t likely, but it is a reminder that a few good things came out of the most-maligned movies in the Star Wars canon. Not that Natalie needs to have any kind of career revival. She’s also heading into her 30s as one of Hollywood’s hottest (and most enduring) properties.  [photo via…]

Natalie’s really had an amazing career, and especially if you consider how many bright rising stars disappear so quickly. She could’ve had an okay career coming off her amazing film debut as a 12-year-old hit girl in The Professional. That movie established her acting skills, and Natalie made plenty of smart moves while mixing offbeat major releases like Mars Attacks! with respectable fare like Cold Mountain and Garden State. Natalie was safely into her 20s by those last two, and finished up her Star Wars series as a hot actress outside the franchise.

That would lead to a weird career where Natalie’s splashiest role was a turn hosting Saturday Night Live. That episode showed off even more of Natalie’s range, and she broke off from making more indie movies to do funner films–and even followed up her Oscar-winning role in 2010’s Black Swan with playing against Danny McBride in Your Highness. Then she followed that up with even more mainstream Portmania in the Thor films.

Natalie’s looked really sexy through it all, too. Well, not counting those earlier films. You know what we mean. Anyway, here are 35 of Natalie’s sexiest shots–and we would’ve made it 33 for her 33rd birthday, but it was hard to narrow it down. And we had to include a still of Natalie and Mila Kunis in Black Swan because…well, you know…

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