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Johnny Manziel Drafted By San Diego Padres, Yeah


Johnny Manziel Padres

The 2014 Major League Baseball draft took place over the past weekend–and by the time the third day arrived on Saturday, all of the high-profile prospects were off the board. However, the San Diego Padres saw a talent who had not played baseball since his junior year of high school. San Diego selected Johnny Manziel in the 28th round with the 837th overall pick. We’re not sure why the Padres would make a move like this, but Manziel is now a member of the Padres.

It’s not a completely bizarre development. Over a year ago, Manziel visited the Padres when he was in San Diego and talked with the Padres about the idea of drafting him. The team waited until a point where it likely won’t hurt them and took Johnny Football.

Or it could just be a publicity stunt from the Padres to get some attention for the team. Manziel likely won’t sign with his football career seeming to take off, but it was nice to see one day where it was all about Johnny Baseball.


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