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Alexandra Daddario Bares In B&W For Interview Magazine [27 PICS]


Alexandra Daddario started this year as a rising star, courtesy of her memorable role in HBO’s True Detective–where her nude scenes got lots of guys feeling like the very first time they discovered that you could see naked gals on pay-cable stations. We’re all paying attention to Alexandra Daddario now, and that includes the lady moving up to the classy pages of Interview magazine–where she doffed her clothes for a “Young Guns of Hollywood” shoot with fotog Mikael Jansson.

There’s also a typically fine Interview interview, with Alexandra–who’s currently filming the earthquake movie San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson–coming across as a fun gal with a lot of energy. That’s partly why we’ve been big fans ever since watching Alexandra do some great work in Texas Chainsaw 3D.

But, of course, True Detective has to be still be discussed now, which leads to gems like Alexandra discussing her dating life while adding, “I’m sure there’s some fun to bourbon and handcuffs, too.” We kind of wish that we didn’t know that she was referring to the show.

And it turns out that Alexandra Daddario has some really nice things to say about us during her Interview interview. Well, we assume that Alexandra’s referring to COED when she says–in reference to the rave reviews that she got for her nude scenes in True Detective, “It’s very flattering. But it’s not something I try to think about too much.”

Which is perfectly fine, because we’re happy to handle all of the thought given to Alexandra getting naked. We’ve even taken the time to put together Alexandra Daddario’s sexiest GIFs. We don’t mind the extra work from these Interview pics, either–and here are plenty more pics that’ll keep your mind exercising…

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