Nia Sánchez Is Miss USA 2014, And We Can’t Argue With That [32 PICS]

Nia Sanchez Miss USA 2014

Some folks will be waking up to a new Miss USA 2014 tomorrow, and they’re going to be feeling pretty good about Nia Sánchez. The beauty formerly known as Miss Nevada is now the most beautiful girl from all 50 states. Nia Sánchez is our kind of dame, too. First, check out that pic above, where Nia is sporting a feathered outfit that looks worthy of a burlesque revue. Yeah, we’re believing that she’s from Nevada.  [photo via…]

Also, Nia is a kick-ass kung-fu expert. She’s a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and we can already imagine the action films that she’s going to be pitched once her reign as Miss USA is over. The Expendabelles is calling. Nia has good reason to be ready to defend herself, too. This gal is from the streets and did her time in a homeless shelter–which makes it all the more amazing that she’s also done time at Disney World greeting park guests while doing character work. That’s one of the coolest jobs ever.

We’re also thinking that Nia Sánchez is going to be a natural in her very cool job as Miss USA, too–as you’ll agree after checking out these pics from both her pageant days and her sexier modeling work. (You’ll also want to check out Nia’s Miss USA competition in their bikinis one last time.) Seriously, we’re excited in ways besides, you know, the usual ways…

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