Woman Who Won The Week: Angelina Jolie [PICS]



A good week is tough to come by in Hollywood, but there’s no denying that Angelina Jolie had a fantastic week. [photos via…]

Her film Maleficent-which marked her first starring role in three and a half years–opened #1 at the box office, fighting back two superhero movies and a giant lizard. That’s a remarkable feat for anyone, but for someone who has become more famous for her activism this decade than for her acting, it’s doubly impressive. And did we mention she killed it in the film as well?

She also celebrated her 39th birthday on Wednesday, and did it in typically selfless style saying “Like every mother, my wish–every birthday– is for my children to stay healthy [and] for my family to remain healthy, so I will continue that.” In addition, she stoked the retirement flames yet again, hinting that her upcoming role as Cleopatra may be her last.

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago she was winning an Oscar, uncomfortably kissing her brother, and even more uncomfortably shacking up with Billy Bob Thornton. She’s come a long way these past fifteen years, and there’s no doubt that she won the week, and might just end up winning the decade.

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