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Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Friday, June 6th


It’s another fantastic Friday via Instagram, and we’re taking very kindly to the incredible Kindly Myers–who shows up above, and is flanked in the gallery below by fellow Miss COEDS like Sonni Ferraro and Tawny Swain. It seems that Sonni even brought along some friends. Tawny, meanwhile, hits us with another amazing body shot, and we’re hoping that keeps up as a hot Instagram trend.

Tawny’s also another pretty face, though, and you can see for yourself here. That reminds us that you should also check out Candice Swanepoel’s sexy Instagram contribution for the day. Amazingly enough, the other gals culled from today’s Instagram feed can still offer the Victoria’s Secret model some competition. Chelsea Pereira hits us with some serious retro beauty that has her dazzling in denim, while Taylor Nicole can claim the same while sporting short shorts.

Christina Burns looks plenty sporting while getting ready for some volleyball. Tianna Gregory serves up today’s black-and-white study that needs to be studied, and Sandra Kubicka shows off her beautiful bod enjoying a beautiful view. We’re not sure why Jonna Andrews is sitting alone in a dark room, but that pic will make you want to keep her company. In fact, start enjoying the company of these beautiful babes right now, and feel the weekend starting early…

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