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The Gorgeous Girls of Miss USA 2014: Bikini Edition [PHOTOS]


The Miss USA 2014 pageant will take place this Sunday, broadcast live from Baton Rouge River Center in Louisiana at 8 PM EST on NBC. It’s sure to be a most glamorous event, but when it’s all said and done current Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady (Connecticut) will have to hand off her crown to the new winner who (if you believe the Vegas odds) experts believe will be Jessica Ahlberg aka Miss Alabama.

But all that’s just speculation from the experts because the actual competition hasn’t even started yet. You can see the odds of the top 20 women who are favorited to win at the bottom.

If you’re going to actually put money on the pageant, it’s best that you do your own research on the field. Might we suggest beginning with what they look like in a bikini?

Miss Alabama 9/1 | Miss Massachusetts 12/1 | Miss Iowa 14/1 | Miss Texas 14/1
Miss Utah 14/1 | Miss Nevada 18/1 | Miss Virginia 18/1 | Miss Arizona 20/1
Miss California 20/1 | Miss Illinois 20/1 | Miss New York 20/1 | Miss North Carolina 20/1
Miss Oklahoma 20/1 | Miss Tennessee 20/1 | Miss Florida 25/1 | Miss Georgia 25/1
Miss Louisiana 25/1 | Miss North Dakota 25/1 | Miss Pennsylvania 25/1 | Miss Wisconsin 25/1

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