Tehmina Sunny on "24: Live Another Day" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Tehmina Sunny on 24: Live Another Day

(8:00 PM EST, FOX)

We hate to admit it, but the See Her Tonight column is one of those 24 fans who’ve been slacking off on watching the new 12-hour version of the revived show. We’re not even making the DVR scene–but we’re newly inspired because we can catch up on 24: live Another Day early on Friday evenings, and we have Tehmina Sunny showing up tonight to brighten up the proceedings. [photo via…]
Yeah, we’ll try to make that the only “sunny” pun today. We take Tehmina Sunny very seriously, though–especially since the exotic London-born beauty first caught our eye in Children of Men, which a lot of people will tell you was the most underseen movie of the past decade. She then moved to the States, and Hollywood typically fumbled the ball when it came to using a beauty like Tehmina. We were happy to see her showing up as an offbeat beauty on Californication, but Tehmina deserved a much bigger role in Argo. She’s also shown up regularly as a guest in primetime dramas, but not in enough prime roles.
At least Mistresses gave Tehmina a quality turn as an attorney defending Yunjin Kim. She also has a classy film coming up called The Lovers, and that should help turn the world on to Tehmina. Of course, you can never count on any 24 guest star to have a long life expectancy, so tune in for Tehmina tonight–and start enjoying her now…

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