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Quesarito Officially Added To Taco Bell Menu Nationwide



Stoners of the world unite! The Quesarito (aka a burrito wrapped with a quesadilla) is here and we are beyond elated. You may recognize the famed Quesarito from the secret menu at Chipotle. Well now Taco Bell is officially adding the amazing hybrid on June 9 at locations across the country.

The regular Quesarito will be $1.99 for the beef, $2.79 for shredded chicken and $2.99 for steak. So, as usual Taco Bell’s insanely low prices are delightful and terrifying. This only continues Taco Bell’s continued domination of new and creative meals on the menu. Seriously- do they just get a bunch of stoners together in a room and discuss what’s next?

Well-we’re thankful that this is being added to the menu and we like the fact that Taco Bell is taking notes from Chipotle. Check out the rest of the fabled secret menu here and next time you go to a Chipotle try a Quesarito, or of course just go to Taco Bell…

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